The Fabulous Shaker Boys | Amsterdam Cocktail Week
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We proudly present:


Join us for a cocktail on Friendship's Fabulous Shaker Boat during the Amsterdam Cocktail Week!

After London, Paris and Singapore it is now time for Amsterdam to show what the city has to offer cocktail (and other) wise. 

In 2018 the Amsterdam Cocktail Week will be held from March 5th until March 11th. There are over 50 venues participating and they each team up with 2 brands to showcase their venue and team brands. To make this edition of the Amsterdam Cocktail Week extra special The Fabulous Shaker Boys and  Friendship Amsterdam joined forces; together we created a unique pop-up location that will make your cocktail-loving-heart skip a beat…

The Fabulous Shaker Boys has been the go-to cocktail catering agency for over 15 years and since we don’t have a regular venue like the other participants of the Amsterdam Cocktail Week we thought we should do what we do best: create a spectacular bar in one of Amsterdams most unique and luxurious venues…

Friendship Amsterdam started in the Red Light District area as the first canal company with trendy, unique and exclusively designed boats, to host ‘The Ultimate Amsterdam Experience’ and to enjoy Amsterdam like locals do!

Cocktail Week Extravaganza

Make this years’ festivities during the Amsterdam Cocktail week extra special with your own event on the exclusive Friendship’s Fabulous Shaker Boat. As the only mobile location we will be a unique spot during ACW. Friendship’s Fabulous Shaker Boat will be cruising the canals during the commercial nights, stopping at some of the most exclusive hotspots ACW has to offer. Guests can come on board to enjoy our cocktails, music and entertainment while we sail them to across Amsterdam in style. When we are not open for the public Friendship’s Fabulous Shaker Boat is available as a private venue.

Speakeasy Shuttle Boat

Between 18:00 and 00:00 Friendship’s Fabulous Shaker Boat will function as a speakeasy shuttle boat for the Amsterdam Cocktail Week. We’ll be sailing a special Amsterdam Cocktail Week route, connecting several bars by boat. Our guests can buy a ticket to come on board and we’ll be sailing between the selected ACW venues. We’ll have a fully operational bar, music and maybe even some bites. Guests can hop on for a cocktail and stay for some more or they can use our floating speakeasy as a shuttle to the next ACW hotspot.

Voor het aanvragen van meer informatie neemt u hier contact met ons op!